Gym Wrist Straps, Silicon Coated Weight Lifting Wrist Straps

    Gym Wrist Straps, Silicon Coated Weight Lifting Wrist Straps

    Gym Wrist Straps, Silicon Coated Weight Lifting Wrist Straps

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    Gym Wrist Straps, Silicon Coated Weight Lifting Wrist Straps

    Nexa Silicon Coated Gym Wrist Straps that provide
    support to your wrists and keep you away from cuts and burns,
    giving you safer sessions. Manufactured with comfortable,
    durable materials tried and tested to facilitate technique,
    performance, and security. They are great for exercises such
    as: deadlifts, shrugs, heavy rows, weighted pull-ups, and countless others

    What Are Lifting Straps?

    Lifting straps are long pieces of different materials that athletes use in the gym while training with heavy weights to make their grip more reliable and secure. They are usually made with nylon, leather, or cotton.

    There are various barbell straps on the market. The most common ones are closed-loop, lasso, and figure-8 types.

    The first one is the most basic option. It is just a loop with two ends sewn together.

    Such lifting straps (gym wrist straps) are mainly popular in Olympic weightlifting where you need a rather light fixation to let the bar move in your palm while getting to the overhead position. However, it makes these straps less secure as well.

    The lasso type is the most multi-purpose option. These straps are also more elaborate than the first ones. They have a loop for your wrist and one loose end to wrap around the bar. Some brands even add padding to make them more comfortable on the wrist.

    Figure-8 straps are the most specific type. They are mainly used by strongman athletes for extremely heavy deadlifts. They have no loose ends but only two big loops to fasten your wrists to the bar really tightly.

    Such straps give the most secure grip but are not versatile. They are most suitable for advanced competitive athletes.

    What Do Lifting Straps Do?

    Grip straps (gym wrist straps) bring a lot of valuable benefits to your training. If you still have some doubts about the purpose of lifting straps, read the main advantages and make up your mind.

    Secure Grip

    This accessory helps fasten your wrist to the bar and makes the grip safer. If you have ever had some troubles with the bar slipping off your palms, lifting straps (gym wrist straps) will be a way out for you. Such a situation becomes nearly impossible with them.

    Heavier Weights

    At some point of your sport path, you will find yourself in a situation where your back and legs are ready to hit a new PR but your grip screws everything up. It is natural that our forearms are a limiting factor and can’t handle as many kilos as we want.

    In this case, lifting straps come into play. If you are hungry for heavy weights, this accessory must be in your gym bag.

    High-rep Workouts

    If you are fond of high-rep exercises, lifting straps might comfort you in many terms. They don’t let the bar slip off your hands at the last few reps and help focus on the exercise rather than on sore forearms. This benefit is especially valuable for crossfit athletes.

    Big-volume Workouts

    If you perform a great number of lifts during your workout, it might be pretty exhausting for your forearms not only at one session but during the whole training cycle.

    In order to let your muscles recover and maintain a strong grip, use lifting straps (gym wrist straps) for some sets or exercises that aim to train other body parts.

    Palm Protection

    If you struggle with calluses or torn skin, try lifting with gym straps to ease the harsh effect of knurling on your palms.

    It also works if you already have some bad damages that stop you from lifting for a while. In this case, use weight lifting straps (gym wrist straps)to continue your usual training routine while your skin is still healing.

    Proper Technique

    For example, if you are into Olympic weightlifting, you know that it demands plenty of technical work. Such training needs complete concentration on the exercise mechanics rather than grip issues. The same works with many isolating bodybuilding exercises.

    Lifting straps help focus on particular technical elements or muscles while excluding other distractions such as sore forearms or a slipping barbell.

    Small Palms

    If you struggle with small palms or short fingers, Gym wrist straps might be a great relief for you. They help to grab the bar more fully and tightly when you feel that it is too thick to hold heavy weight.

    Such a problem is very common among girls who usually have smaller palms. In weightlifting, there is a special bar for women that is thinner but it isn’t used in all sports and isn’t available in all gyms. In this case, lifting straps can be really helpful.


    Why Choose Us

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    Q:  Do you offer sample for review quality?
    A: Yes .we offer sent sample, sample need charge the sample
    cost and shipping cost. Once you place order above our
    MOQ, we will return the sample cost to you.

    Q:  Do you accept Paypal for sample?
    A:  Yes.

    Q:  Can you put my logo on the product and do my own package? 
    A:  Yes.

    Q:  How to process an order? 
    A.   Send inquiry- Prompt reply within 8 hours- Send sample (quality check before bulk order) – Draft PO- Signed PO –
    Prepare pre production sample- Proceed mass production (after sample is approved) – Send mass production picture
    once goods is finished.

    Q:How to ship the goods? 
    A: We have cooperated with our forwarder for many years.  Our forwarder can take care of your goods and can ship the
    goods you.

    Q: Payment Term
    A:  under US$ 5000, We accept payment through Skrill, Western union, Pioneer, T/T
    Over US$ 5000, T/T, or L/C 50% Deposit in advance, full payment received  before shipment.

    Q: How long it will take to receive the goods? 

    A:  It takes about 30 days for mass production. After the goods is ready, it takes

    about 15-30 days for sea shipment, depends on the port.


    Delivery:-- We always try to dispatch the orders in time (according to confirmed delivery time to customer). --Prices:------- We shall quote you prices on FOB basis as well as on C&F basis according to customer request. --Return Policy:-- Customers must contact within 14 days of receipt of goods, if they find any defect in any item.

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    • Weight Lifting Wrist Straps With Neoprene Padding


      Include Grip Flex™ wrist pad
      High-quality cotton-built
      20.5” length, 1.5” width
      Sweat wicking properties
      Uniquely designed for a strong grip


      • 100 pair

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